MPI physical wiring for connecting S7-400 and flexy 203

I am using flexy 203 for polling data from siemens s7 400 plc.
So I have MPI port in PLC but it is already connected with simotion D AND other PROFIBUS port is used by HMI.

So , I want to change profibus connector with new profibus connector (6ES7972-0BB42-0XA0) which has PG port on which can we connect flexy 203’s MPI port with normal profibus connector(6ES79720BA420XA0)?

You should be able to connect up to 31 nodes on an MPI bus. If you have specific questions about about that Profibus connector, I would refer those to Siemens.

Can we connect the FLEXY in loop as profibus node? Or can we use that pg socket of profibus connector to connect the flexy?

Yes, you can connect the Flexy to the MPI bus and that connector should also work.

I have read somewhere that flexy behaves as profibus master then we can not use loop for flexy on mpi bus right? since plc is master.

Where did you see this? It does behave as master, but I believe the s7 always acts as a master also, and can still be polled. I can check with the Ewon team to verify.

Ok thanks , will wait for the response

Hi @Bharat_Patel,

I have confirmed that it works with s7 as master. In fact, it requires s7 to be master.


Ok great thanks so I can connect the flexy’s MPI port with pg back connector of profibus connector and i don’t need to change anything in PLC program right?

That’s correct.

Thank you so much.

Can we use profibus network for our MPI protocol connection? As discussed above . Or it needs to be MPI network? Do we need to change configuration in PLC?

Needs to be MPI port. See documentation here.

You shouldn’t need to, just follow these instructions.