MTU DiagSys 2.71 vith usb to can profesional interface problem


I have problem with DiagSys 2.71 MTU diagnostic software that working with Ixxat USB to CAN professional interface.
I install VCI 4 driver and check with with CAN diagnostic mini tool and it working good, but when I install DiagSys software and try it they show me error massage
Error ocurred while reading CAN -DLL.
It show on win 10 and on win7


Hello @Denis_Baljak,
This might be an issue with the compatibility with the DiaSys software. Do they provide any details regarding what drivers are supported? You can try uninstalling the VCI v4 drivers and install the VCI V3 with the V2 add on driver.



thanks for you responses,I made it ,I don t have in manual that I must instal driver V2 driver with other driver.