Multiple Accounts/Connections EC310

I have an eWon Netbiter EC310 connected to a customer’s System. We are their system integrator, and we utilize it for remote troubleshooting & programming. On the same LAN they have another control system that we do not service. Is it possible for me to create an account that their other system integrator can utilize for the secondary system, but would not grant access to them for the website & netbiter configuration? Would we both be able to be connected/online at the same time?


The Netbiter can only be tied to one account. In order fro them to use the Netbiter they would need access to your account.

Thanks for the info Zach,
With that being the case, would there be any issue having two netbiters on the same LAN? Or, is there a different device that you offer that could host multiple connections?

Two Netbiters on the same LAN would not be an issue. Are other remote access products are the Flexy and Cosy, but you would still run into the same problem where they can only be tied to one account at a time.