Multiple eWONs with established Internet connection is disconnected for a long time

Hello everyone,

We have a project that consist of 15 eWON flexy 201 + 4G extension Module with static IP sim card. Now we are in the testing phase and we found that randomlly some of these eWON is disconnected for a long time it may take a couple of days to reconnect again. I need to know why this occure and how to avoid this disconnection.

Thanks,eWONs.rar (593.6 KB)


It is hard to say exactly why you devices are going offline. I recommend updating the firmware to 14.2. There could be an issue with FW 13 causing it to drop offline.
Your logs are filled up with FTP requests. I would recommend you update your scripting to perform the FTP transfer based on a timer and not run it in the cyclic section. It looks like a significant number of the requests are failing as it is starting a new request before the previous requests finish. Having the FTP setup in the cyclic section could be causing it to reboot.


I configured FTP for only two devices and the rest of these devices, I didn’t configured or used FTP in a basic script. Despite of that these two devices that i used the FTP are working fine without any disconnection.

Be noticed that the eWON is powered on with established internet connection (Modem green led is lighten up) and i can connect to it through LAN network but when i try to connect through WAN connection (Statci IP) it gives me Connection timeout. although the connection duration shows that the internet conncection is established from along time.

Hello @Ahmed_Amir_Mohamed,

Looking over the logs again, most of the devices show FTP authentication errors. This looks like an incoming connection to the device. This is filling up the logs and makes it difficult to diagnose other issues. it could be causing the issue or at least be making it harder to spot. Again, I recommend updating the firmware to the latest to ensure the firmware is not causing you issues. To help rule out issue with the modem please also run our SIB fix tool to ensure your modems are updated too. More info is found here with a link to download the tool in section 4.1.

Please be aware this support forum is run by a team in the united states. We might not be aware of an issue specific to your region. I would recommend reaching out to your distributor they should be able to assist you and get in touch with your local support team. They might have further suggestions.