Multiple viewon projects


I want to have, for the same IP eWON, two projects of viewon, one for smartphone and the second for computer. But if I export one of this project the other “disappears”.

It’s posible to make this?


You could do something on the main page that asks if you’re using a computer or phone and then have buttons that direct to either the pages setup to run on a PC or pages that are setup to run on phones. But a device can only have one ViewON project


Yes, I alredy configure if the projects it’s for mobile or computer.
But I have two projects, one designed for mobile and the other wtih more information for the computer, and if I export the mobile’s project I only can see this on the computer, no the project that corresponding with the computer.


Let me try and get a similar setup working on my pc and talk with some colleagues in Belgium to see if this is possible


You could do both of them as one view but create the phone one as an operator or viewer and just make it so that the ones for viewer/operator only shows the information they need without the extra info


So for the mobile view I select the last option, and for computer that it have more information only for administrator.
But when I export and search after the webpage it doesn’t ask me a password, and with the mobile I can’t found the webpage.


I enter into viewon like Viewer, export the project and search its webpage; I can see the page that its only configured for administrator.

I have to do something more tan configure the access in this window?


Did you make sure to save after you changed it to be viewed by admin only? Is there any way you can send me the project you’re working on so I can try and help debug this? Or can I take a look through teamviewer?


Yes, I saved it before export.
Do you have any email that I can send you the project?


You can just send it here and I’ll make the post private so it can only be seen by hms internal


Sorry for late to answer, but I already have the solution. Thank you!!

I want to include more information in the dashboard about the production of the process but I don’t found any information in Internet about bar chart in Viewon.
It is posible to graph in this mode or it’s only possible represent with trends?

Thank you.


You can kind of do this by going to drawing > symbol > click on the viewon screen and it should let you select one of the bar graphs such as tank or cuve and then just tie the value to a tag


But I want to have one bar graph like this, and I need some ‘y’ axis in that show the value of the bar.




It looks like this bar graph is just made by using multiple rectangles with the create rectangle/square function.

You should just be able to do something like this below and tie the bars to their respective tags

You should just need to go to animations > color > bar graph

You could also create a text that could read the min and max values for the Y axis and have something above the bars that gives its real value