Nat 1 to 1 setup


Hi Eric,

This should help with your setup:



Hi Tim. Thank you for the information. That describes exactly what we need to do. Unfortunately, I am following the instructions but I am not able to get it to function properly. Can we schedule a time to do a remote session so you can help me determine what I am missing?




Hey Eric,

Are you free on Monday to take a look at this issue again?


I can be available at 10 am EST if that will work for you.

Let me know.



That works for me


I assume you will be calling me? You can reach me on my cell



Hey Eric,

Sorry about that I got stuck on a call for a while, Are you free at all the rest of the day?



Here is some additional information. If you need more info, let me know. Thanks.

Flexy IP:


Connected to internet via WAN port (PORT 4)

Desired topology

kb-0242-0-en_use_identical_remote_networks_on_an_efive_topology.pdf (304 KB)


Hey Eric,

I’m going to be doing a little bit of a refresher with one of my colleagues from Belgium tomorrow morning on the efive stuff. I’ll give you a call once I hear from him.