Need help with Ixxat USB-to-CAN

I want to include Ixxat in my Linux Robotic Projects. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and when I try to install the Ixxat Drivers it gives me an error. But I don’t understand why. Could you help me with the answer? I want to develop a system that sends CAN commands to the motorcontrollers. I prefer to use Python, but I could use C++ if I have to. I believe that Ixxat products are perfect for achieving this task and thats why I am asking you for help.
Thank you in advance,

Mario Koshnicharov

Hello Mario,

I apologize for the delay getting back to you. Our Forum support team is working on an update and your email got pulling in to the wrong site.

To develop with the USB to CAN you will need to use the VCI drivers. We have a software design guide on the drivers download page.

When you install the drivers you can find example in: C:\Users\Public\Documents\HMS\Ixxat VCI 4.0\Samples