Netbiter Argos Multiple System configuration

I added the new system EC360 to the existing Argos account. I am not able to configure the EC360. When I go to the configuration tab it automatically takes me to my EC310(old system) configuration page. I even tried deactivating EC310 but it is still showing all the EC310 tabs in systems.
Is there any way I can make EC360 default or main netbiter?

Thank you.

Are you replacing the EC310 with the EC360?

If so, add your new device, but don’t Activate it. Then go to Active Systems, find the old device, and select ‘Replace’.

Enter the activation code for the old device then select your deactivated device and enter its activation code in the line below. Then select replace.

Thank you for the information @kyle_HMS. I tried going back to factory defaults, changed IP first, connected to Argos, and synchronized. Now it is working.

OK thanks for the update!