Netbiter EC310 Network Config Changing Somehow

I have a netbiter that was working then it wasn’t. Had an IT guy check the settings and the Static IP was the same but i believe the default dns was for google or something. Anyway he corrected it and it was online for about a day then it was offline again. He said he could see the mac address on the server but couldnt ping it. Is it possible the network config changed again, any thoughts? Thanks

Any Update on this?

Are you following the configuration steps in the User Manual?

Can you please provide the device serial number (MAC ID) for this device?

Just to confirm, this device connects to the internet via the plant network, not a cellular network?

Can you send a screenshot of the network settings?

How are you using the device, for remote access, or remote data? What device is it connected to and what’s the device’s IP address?

What is the status of the LEDs?

The configuration should not change on it’s own. Are you sure there is not an IP conflict?

Also, please note that the WAN IP address is not pingable on the Netbiter.

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So he has checked the settings, they did not change. He also noted that there are no other devices on that range. He changed the ip address and it started working for a bit but then stoped working again. After about a week or so it came online but only for a bit, then it went back offline after about 6 minutes. The customer claims the green light is on but it doesn not show up online in argos.
the mac is 00:30:11:FA:45:5C
The tech also has a log of the network traffic for it if you would like me to send it to you.

Yes, please send the traffic log. It sounds like it may be an issue with a firewall blocking the traffic. Please give the following document to the IT department to allow access to our servers:

Netbiter Addresses and Ports