Netbiter EC310 offline

Hey. My netbiter EC310 shows it’s offline, however it still sends measurements. I am unable to synchronize any new configurations and I have tried every method that has been suggested by the manuals and other forum posts.


What are you WAN settings and LAN settings for this device? Are you connected directly to this unit?

The settings are the factory defaults.


What do you mean by still sending measurements? Within Argos, are you recieving accurate readings from the Netbiter?

Yes, within argos I’m still receiving readings.

Are you able to connect to the device locally via USB cable, to verify the uplink and modem status?

When I connect to the device through USB, the RNDIS package does not seem to install, so I can’t use USB to verify the uplink status.


We do have the drivers availble to download on our site. I would advise uninstalling the current driver you have now, and reinstalling a fresh instance.

I am now able to connect through USB. So what settings should I check?

This is the uplink status Default Route


Default Gateway



and this is the wan status




IP Address


Hello My apologies on the delay,

DO you think you can create an account for me on this device within Argos? I would like to take a look at the Argo’s screen to see if i can find where the point of failure is.

This issue has been fixed. The device showed up as online in Argos after installing the latest firmware update.