Netbiter EC310 Runtime Counters

I recently noticed in Argos that there is a new tab labeled Runtime Counters. What is this used for? Is there any documentation material on this?

The runtime counter is a newly implemented feature within Argos. Currently the runtime counter is designed to reflect the duration of a ‘true’ statement. For example, imagine there is a generator running for an indeterminate amount of time, the runtime counter can reflect the ‘on’ time.

In order to utilize a runtime counter, three things are required: a runtime counter, an accompanying log parameter and finally the dashboard widget. Creating a runtime counter can be quite easy.

  1.  Navigate to configurations and create a runtime counter parameter. 
  2.  Follow the use as log parameter link in the Parameter list.
       a.      The log parameter is a unique parameter for the runtime counter and must be created here. 
  3.  Configure and save the log parameter. 
  4.  Ensure you have created both parameters and synchronize your changes to the Netbiter. 
  5. Add the runtime widget to the dashboard.

  6. Edit the Runtime widget and set the log parameter to the one you previously created.

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