Netbiter EC360 for Plant Monitoring?

Hi All,
I was hoping if someone could shed some light on the following configuration.

We have a Netbiter EC 360 4G GSM currently works fine for Remote Access Purposes.
The PLC is a ET200SP Siemens Safety PLC on Profinet.

So unfortunately Netbiter EC360 argos portal does not support profinet devices for plant monitoring purposes yet. Hence we incorporated a moxa protocol converter gateway into the equation.

MOXA_MGate5103_EtherNetIP_Adapter_V2.0_Build_17090413.eds (40.4 KB)

Since the project has been setup on the Siemens side to the Moxa gateway.

What do i enter in the Address field in the argos template for the Moxa device mentioned above? (Class, Instance, Attributes??) for Ethernet / IP template.

I have attached an eds for the device if someone would be able to help us out?

Also how do i add pictures and graphics into the Plant View for the Presentation screen?

Any help appreciated.

Hello @Nare_Prathipati,

the ewon uses the Get_Attribute_Single and Set_Attribute_Single functions when using EIP with class, instance, attribute. Here we are looking to read a single attribute with the data type selected. image
You would need to check with the manufacturer of the gateway for how this could be used to read data from the device.

You can find info on the Netbiters EIP client in section A of the following user guide.

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