Netbiter EC360 MODBUS RS485 2 WIRE SETUP?

Hi HMS support team,

We are trying to configure netbiter EC360 for production monitoring. It’s currently connected to a siemens S7-1500 plc over profinet interface.
It’s been running fine since 2019 for remote access side of things.

So since the netbiter does not support profinet for remote monitoring we bought a protocol converter gateway which converts profinet signals to modbus rs485 (2-wire)

Now we are happy with the protocol converter and we can view the conversion data dynamically over a web browser. So there’s no question about the data not being received by the EC360.

We cannot configure the EC360 to read the data available at the gateway.

Here’s a link to the gateway converter,

The gateway supports several protocols that the netbiter can support.

We tried 9600 8 EVEN 1 with slave address for gateway set to 1.

Netbiter being the modbus rtu master and gateway being the slave.

Now where is the data stored in the netbiter?

Apparently this is getting a bit more inconvenient to configure.

Please let us know the steps to configure the netbiter for modbus rtu 485-2wire master with gateway at slave address 1.

Data on the gateway is as follows.
Holding registers 4x0001 - 4x0064
Input registers 3x0001 - 3x0064

Any help appreciated.

Hello @Nare_Prathipati,

Can you confirm that you have the Netbiter now switched over remote monitor mode? Do you have a template setup for the converter? This tells the device what it can read from a modbus device. Next do you have a profile setup with parameters that is added? This setup the Netbiter to read data and what do with it. Such as log the value or read it for a dashboard view.

If this is setup you should see an error when hovering the mouse over the dashboard view or in the device overview page.

Can you share you devices system ID so I can take a look and review the account?


Hi deryck,
Thanks for your response.

Yes we have set up the gateway and are able to view the data dynamically that was sent from plc to gateway and gateway to modbus.

But kept getting Frame errors and break errors.
003011FD02C8 is the system ID. (system should be online in 1.5hrs from now )

Tried so many combinations even 232 serial but had the same trouble of getting data.

And yes I have setup templates, profiles and dashboards.

But I think there’s a communication issue between the gateway and the netbiter.

Please have a look through and let us know what’s wrong.

Also we used pins 3,4 and 5 for RS-485. coming from DB9 of the gateway module.

Also tried 2,3, and 5 for RS-232 but didn’t have much luck.

I shall send you a screenshot of the gateway configuration and the data once the system is online.

Hello @Nare_Prathipati,

You will want to set the Netbiters serial settings to match the Netbiters. If these match the only other things I see is that the node ID is set to 10 in the configuration. You also will still want to setup the parameters in the Profile.

If you are Using RS232 make sure Rx and Tx are crossed between the ewon devices.
For RS485 Rx connects to Rx and Tx to Tx on between the devices.
You will need to refer to the gateways user manual to determine which pin is which. The netbiter has the two ports labeled.

Hi deryck,
Thanks for the info.
Yes the data is successfully visible at the Argos portal remote monitoring .

Something silly that we missed was the netbiter disconnects from the modbus unit when switched to remote access and connects right away once switched back to plant monitoring.

We have access to all 128bytes sent from profinet controller.

Thanks to netbiter and moxa. We are using modbus tcp but activated it as transparent modbus.

This might be a handy approach for 4g/gsm based remote access units.

Thanks for the support…
Best regards

Hi Nare,

Thanks for following up let us know if you have any other questions.