Netbiter Firmware update Error

I am trying to do a firmware update and keep getting this error.

ERROR Cannot parse manifest file

Hello @hytekautomation.

What method are you using to update the firmware? Is this though Argos or Locally?

If you are on a Pre 2.xx.xx firmware you will need to first update to 2.01.05.


Hello. Where is it possible to download the firmware version 2.01.05? My netbiter argos is not able to go online and update the firmware directly; I suppose because it has the versione 1.08.01.

Hello @Antonio ,
We are still waiting for the Web team to update the site to include in the mean time you can download it at the following link from our file share server.

You can download the files by visiting the following link:

The file share will expire on 2021-04-06 15:03


Thanks a lot for your help.

KR, Antonio.

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