Netbiter Quickconnect


Trying to connect to new Netbiter using QuickConnect. Device is set up for Remote Access.

LAN IP address is

Channel error

Channel with id ‘network bridge 1’ was subject for a whitelist violation.

Set up PC for address



Since you are trying to remote into the Remote LAN of the netbiter please check to see that Allow use of Network is enabled under Management > gateway setting for the device you are using.



Under which setting?

I am looking @ Configuration/Gateway Settings





I have boxed the setting that need to be enabled under the gateway settings tab.


OK. That was ON. Let me check again.

C. Horn


OK. I am able to set up a bridge but I am unable to ping a PLC connected directly to netbiter LAN port.

I have forced an IP in the netbiter of and the PLC is and my PC is as defined in the gateway setting of QuickConnect using Rockwell ControlLogix Ethernet (PLC)



Do you get a login prompt when you use the netbiter’s IP to connect?


Looks like we found a cable problem. Will try again later.

C. Horn


The cable was the problems