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I got you email address from an email that Ryan Dardiss received about and SNMP MIB. The MIB does not really have what I was looking for and I am hoping you can help me. A few months ago we had a fuel spill on one of our generators that was equipped with a Netbiter system. The generator had a damaged fuel return line and only spilled fuel when the generator was running, or preparing to run. If there was a way for me to systematically monitor generator run hours and fuel burned during that run I would see annomolies and be able to react to them more quickly.

Is there a way to automatically export the engine hours to an external system so that I can calculate engine run hours? If not, is there a way to retrieve those statistics from the GUI using another system to “pull” that data?




Hi Chris,

What is the Netbiter Argos account associated with this, we might be able to take a look and make some recommendations



Please see below


Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delay, you should be able to see engine run hours here by moving the engine run time into the left axis

You can also set up alarms to send out emails or text messages based on these read values