Netbiter syncronizing


Hi Joe,

You can respond to me here with the MAC/System ID and i can look into the devices’s status.


Netbiter EC350 wont synchronize with Argos via ATT 3G


The system id of the EC350 that he has set up in his account is 003011FA7955
his second unit is 003011FA792D, both are on a 3G cell modem.

let me know what you think


Deryck, did you get the system ID’s?

any thoughts


When we attempt to synchronize the EC350 from Argos and the sync errors out. There is a Modem IP address so it appears that the SIM card is functioning. any advice on what to try?


Hi Joe,
Sorry for the late response.

When I looked at 003011FA7955 it was offline and the online history showed it going on and off line. This is typically a good indication that the device has a bad signal. You can check the signal strength through the local web page. I have a post here that provides details for local access. Netbiter Local Access

The second device (003011FA792D) was not tied into and account preventing me from seeing any info about it.




Do you have a screenshot of where to check signal strength? Unfortunately today I’m not in the office so I can’t connect locally to my Netbiter. Both customer and I know how to connect locally, I just don’t know how to access the signal strength.


we checked signal strength and its very low, 2 bars out of 31. But, we were able to get the synch to work this morning. so progress has been made. Thanks for your help!



Is this “template” that is designed to work with the Woodward EasyGen3000 set up to be plug and play, or, are there other settings in the Easygen that need to be set (besides the ethernet address), in order to get the system talking? Is there a technical document on making this template work?



Hi Joe,

Good to hear you were able to get the device to synchronize. I typically will see customer start seeing connection issues once it is around 17/31 . If you are not already using one I recommend trying a external antenna that you can relocate to try and improve the signal.

As for the Template, this they are only going to provide the modbus register map for argos/Netbiter to use. You will need to setup a profile to give your self a dashboard and setup alarms and logging.

We did recently release a Wizard that has the Woodward genset control panel pre-configured. You can access it via the configuration section. With it being new we have has some customer find a few misconfigured setting and i recommend you review the functionality of the dashboard after using using the wizard to make sure all the feature are working as expected.


Thanks Deryck, we did import the easygen control panel. the only thing we seem to be missing is data.

the netbiter and the easygen have their IP address’s set up properly, just can’t seem to get data from the easygen.

its likely an issue on the Easygen setup side, it would appear that everything on the netbiter/argos side is working.

i thought maybe you guys had a technical write up on how to make the two devices talk.

thanks for your help.



Hi Joe,

Is this the 003011FA7955 device? Looking at the device in Argos it is showing up as offline so i can not check for communication errors to the device. We don’t have a technical write up that i am aware of but the wizard should cover setting up the communications to the device. Some generator require you to configure some setting on the controller it self to enable Modbus slave functionality. You might need to refer to the controllers manual for details on that.

If the Netbiter is having cellular issues this can prevent us from pulling data off of it to show in Argos.

You can find to complete guide for using Argos HERE




we found this document on the Woodward website that talks about doing this with the Serial port and using ToolKit and QuickConnect, it also says to Enable Remote access on the Netbiter device?

does this make sense? I thought that Netbiter could just talk directly to the EasyGen, whether serial or Ethernet, and then bridge the connection from the easygen to argos using the Modbus data? do I need to use QuickConnect, toolKit, etc…?

37611_Netbiter.pdf (1.1 MB)


Hello @Joe_Stoltz,
You are correct here.

The netbiter can talk directly to the controller in remote management mode, or you can use the netbiter in remote access mode and tunnel though a VPN to the Netbiter.

If you connect as they describe this allow you to use the serial port on the ewon like it is a COM port on your PC and connect with software running on the PC.