Netbiter ws 200 is not showing anything

Hi there ,
I have a problem with a legacy Netbiter component (the WS 200), the device is communicating properly in the network ( IP is accessible ). but it is not showing data after log in to the device as shown in the attached figure

I wonder is this the issue with firmware . kindly advise

Hello @shihab,

You might need to reach out to the company that installed the device, This looks like an FGW200 which has custom firmware we are not familiar with.
Can you provide further details regarding how it is setup?
Looking at the screen shot you might not have completed the setup. Can you verify if you have completed the wizard? How are you communicating with the device? Are you seeing any error responses? If so what are they?


hellow deryck

Thank you for your response and sorry for delay in my reply

i talk to the company and they are also confirmed it is an customized firmware ,but as this device is very old they do not t have the copy of the existing firmware .

i have one device ( for passive generator ) with same set up and it is working fine . can you please advise me is that possible to copy the firmware to upload to the faulty unit . if so please provide me the tool to do the same


also provide the serial communication cable specification and buadrate details as well

kindly find the versions kernal of working device

For support for this case you will need to open a ticket at:

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