NetTool for Profibus crashes - Transport provider issue - AB7629


Hi Mark,

Let me know if you have any luck and if you need a hand tomorrow just let me know. You can respond to this email directly or call us at 312-893-5636 M-F 8-5 EST. We also have the support board at 24/7.



  • Having issues connecting with the gateway in NetTool, program hangs when trying to use USB to serial
  • Couldn’t use Teamviewer and ethernet network adapter at the same time due to laptop settings
  • He is going to re-install the AB Transport Provider and try to get connected over ethernet



One other thing, I have seen this issue when trying to connect via the USB side and it was resolved by using a null modem on the USB to serial converter, so if you have one I would also try that.

Let me know how it turns out-




I thought the problem may have been on my corporate machine so I installed in the bus on a personal laptop. I’m still getting the same results. I will go get a USB to serial converter and try to go through the com ports.

Thanks for checking in.

Mark Kinser



OK Mark, let me know how that goes.



I finally got the USB to serial converter to work.

But apparently there any bus device does not like my configuration.




When you get a chance would you be able to call me and we could set up another team viewer session?


Mark Kinser