Networkers SRL - Tech Support Request - INWMPTOS001R000 - Constant Disconnection

Hi Support Team,

I’m contacting you on behalf of Networkers SRL regarding the Intesisbox Toshiba VRV control module (INWMPTOS001R000 ).
We installed some units in 3 department units. After pluging and configuring the equipment we are experiencing constant connection loss with the modules. The wifi router is right above the modules, so they have a strong wifi signal. We also tried each module individually and the problem persist.
By accident one module was connected alone in the AB bus (without a Toshiba thermostat sharing the channel) and it worked fine.

Can you please help us to debug this problem?


Abilio Mancuello Petters
Gerente General

M: +595 971 944644
O: +595 21 295550


When you talk about disconnects, is this occuring with the app? Or the communication with the AC unit?

Can you provide the model number of the AC and the Remote?

Finally, what is the dipswitch configuration of the unit?

Can you use the WMP tool to check the communication logs?

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the delay. I know that you marked this as solved. But now we were able to run the tests and get some of the requested data.

This is the WMP tool log:
AA SALA WMP TOOL.log (21.4 KB)

The AC unit
Toshiba / Model MMD-AP0276BHP(1)-E

The Remote unit
Toshiba / Model RBC-AMS41E

Dip switches on the WMP controller

All of them are in OFF position.

Please let me know your thoughts on this problem. If there is any more information required let me know.

Best regards,



Can you set P3 P4 to high on the dipswitch settings. Low Power mode, and Limited Wifi power. Once you adjust the dipswitches, be sure to power cycle the units.

I see occasional error code of -200 on the logs, that may indicate disconnection.