New Cosy 131 Keeps Going Offline

My newly activated Cosy 131 keeps cycling offline and then online, then after a few cycles it stays offline and requires a reboot. I have the support file from eBuddy, but I’m not sure how to get it to you. Please let me know how to proceed.

Thank you,
Curt Publow


You can respond to this post and upload the file from the computer. We will be able pull the file in our approval queue.

Does the device itself reboot? Or is it just the internet connection.


It looks like your Email server filters the file out, and replaces it. You can provide me a google dropbox link, i can retrieve the backup.

Email is


I noticed a few issues. YOur connection time closes after a couple minutes. It looks like the provider could be forcing the connection closed.

Are you trying to enable internet on the connected devices?
What is the network configuration for the devices on the LAN side?

The LAN devices are not trying to actively access the internet. This is only meant to be a means to access the two devices remotely (for VNC or for service).



Kevin, I am having a similar problem. I have a few Cosy units (LAN only) that are constantly offline/online. No, I am not sure if there is some issue with the internet connection they are connected to, but they are solely used for PLC connections (no PCs using the Cosy for internet access) and the logs show they are sometimes offline for a minute or sometimes for only seconds. I feel if the internet provider was forcing closed the connection, it would be longer than seconds, no? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Can you get a back up with support files? I will need to determine where the issue is occuring.

Hello Michael,

For the backup unit, i dod see a lot of connection reject on the WIFI issues. I would try to run the internet Wizard with updated credentials.

Also your unit shows to be on 13.3, we do advise updating to the latest firmware of 14.2

Kevin, my original issue is still not resolved. I was onsite last week and updated to 14.2 but it still cycles offline randomly. Sometimes after less than one hour sometimes more than one day. Then it cycles back online sometimes after 2 seconds, sometimes it is off for more than 2 days, then other times the only solution is to remove the power and reboot. We have another Cosy on this same account and it has also started doing this recently.

Curt Publow

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Hello Michael,

For the backup unit, i dod see a lot of connection reject on the WIFI issues. I would try to run the internet Wizard with updated credentials.

Also your unit shows to be on 13.3, we do advise updating to the latest firmware of 14.2

I have another from the same site, if you’d like, for comparison. There is a third, but it will not stay online long enough for me to get a backup (I am remote).


Your disconnect is occurring consistently at 125 seconds. This may be because of the network restriciting traffic and/or booting the connection.

Your GSM level is also on at 19, where our min levels are 18 GSM. If there is a slight drop in cellular strength may cause the unit to go offline.

What is the cellular provider?

ATT is the provider for both devices.



Can you take a look at these? The customer claims they extended the antenna for a better connection. I am not seeing it.
Also, if I do a remote firmware update and lose the connection midway, will the ewon become unusable?



Kevin is out of the office today but to try in keep this moving along i took a look at the backup. It looks like the signal strength has improved but both still are showing it is being rejected by the SSID. Are you sure the password you are using is correct? could there be multiple access points with the same SSID but different passwords?

The ewon will not apply the update if the complete files is not received.

I took those backups remotely. I can connect to the ewon, so the wifi access they have set up must be working.
What do you mean that the device is being rejected by the SSID? It is rejecting the password? Is that what the backup is telling you, even though it is in fact connecting?
I’m just trying to pinpoint where the problem lies, so I can direct my customer to a resolution. What sort of things other than a bad password could cause the rejection?

Thanks for the help.

yes in the logs it shows it is rejected and also not able to see the SSID. You can see the same logs your self either in the events.txt file in the .tar or in the even logs from that ewons webpage.

1597136123 11/08/2020 08:55:23 pla-Connection rejected by WIFI SSID (PellaIOT) pgdef-Connection rejected by WIFI SSID wanmgt 79336 20170
1597136124 11/08/2020 08:55:24 wanmgt-Restarting permanent WAN connection wanmgt-Restarting permanent WAN connection wanmgt 79336 1073772933
1597136141 11/08/2020 08:55:41 pla-Cannot reach WIFI SSID (PellaIOT) pgdef-Cannot reach WIFI SSID wanmgt 79336 20172

If it is online sometimes i wonder again if there are two AP’s with the same SSID but different passwords. The device could be switching between the two failing to connect to the stronger one.