New Flexy 205 locks up on script error


I entered code into the INIT section of the Flexy. No errors. I added an IO tag to set, similar to code I have working in another unit, and the GUI locked up. I couldn’t get anywhere without power cycling. I deleted the newest code and everything was fine. Is this normal? I didn’t have an error message or anything.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Could you send us a copy of the code and a backup from eBuddy with support files attached.


Hi Zach,

I think I might have figured out what is happening. I keep losing connection with the eWON. It wasn’t coming back last week unless I rebooted, or maybe I wasn’t patient enough. Today, and the other day, the screen grays out and an orange “Device unreachable” message shows up. Not sure why that would happen. I thought it was the code I had entered, but it doesn’t appear to be that at all.

Also, how do I get the console to give me messages on what a script is doing? On the older GUI it would do that.

Thank you.

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Hey Zach,

I got the console to show the error so I made a backup. Please see attached. Any insight to what I have wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Lisa,

for the SENDMAIL try use " instead of $ like the following example:

Sendmail "email" , "cc email" , "subject" , "&[export block descriptor]"


Hi Zach,

That works much better. So here’s the next iteration and the error message I got:

I don’t know what that means. Email1_Sent is a tag in the PLC and I also have it in the Flexy.

Thank you.


It seems you have added lines 12 and 18 to the code. what are you trying to do with these lines?


Just trying to verify that the email occurred.


The tag is being called but the 1 afterwards is causing an error. If you need to verify an email has been sent out that shows up in the real time event logs on the device.


Hi Zach, the Flexy 205 finally got installed on the production PLC. I had some tag errors, but those have been resolved. It seems I only get an action when I have the trigger set and I put the script into run mode. Do I need to call the script that is in the init from a different place? It needs to act whenever the trigger comes through.



In order for the script to work you will have to have the basic IDE set to run mode. Is it not triggering correctly when you do this?


If I set the trigger while the IDE is in run mode nothing happens. (I’m just asking it to print.) Then if I stop the IDE and then put it back into run I get the print.


Hi Zach,

I called and had her set up the Basic code so it triggers with an onchange


Thank you Tim!!!


Tim and Zach,

I have it working! I can now send an email with a text file created with the block descriptor.

Thanks for your help!

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