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Hi Anthony,

I wasn’t able to see a difference on my side, did having it start as a historical graph make any difference with your configuration?


Hi Tim,

Then i show You The acces ID:


Hi Tim,

The trend has already been updated, now it is shown in historical history, the same thing continues to happen, I am informed that we are in the same time zone, will something happen with the configuration of my Flexy?

If it is necessary to establish a connection by Teamviewer confirm me, I will still be available.


Did you start logging historical data before you set the timezone of the device? I’ve seen an issue like this in the past when somebody had done this


Hi Tim,

Thank you for your support, we have already managed to solve the problem we had with the historical trend in viewON.

Together with my project team, we have a query, how you could read real-type floating point data (32 bits) in the ewon flexy, correctly, because to monitor current and flow variables, we need to be given decimal data .

We tried configuring the data, but it shows us a number that is not correct, or maybe the problem is the lader program of the plc.

We will be attentive to your response.



Hi Tim

Please I need to solve the problem of the trend history that viewON shows me, it is 5 hours ahead, as it takes the London time zone (GMT),
Please, is urgent.

I look forward to your support.


Anthony Perez


Hi Anthony

Reading floats with Modbus on the Flexy can be done this way. When creating the tag you will need to add a modifier after the register number to specify the data type. This will tell the Flexy to read two addresses and combine them as specified.


Hi Tim,

Along with greeting you, I tell you that I am using the tia portal v14 software to configure the variables in a s7 300 plc and there are Dword and real variables, as I could read from the ewon, when I try to get erroneous data.

In the same way I take the opportunity to ask you if you could support me to carry out a program in the ewon to store the data in a MYSQL database automatically.

We are already days of presenting the project, we are grateful for its technical support and in the same way I would like to be clear that Ewon Flexy recommends me, 201 or 202 or 205, I would like to know its differences, and what happens with my internal storage in the ewon flexy 201 when I add a 1 GB memory, how many date and jora record points would it increase.

Ewon is very promising.

I will be attentive to your answer.


Anthony Perez


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Hi Anthony,

What kind of errors are you getting when you try and read the Dwords and real variables from the S7-300 plc?

We also have this page that has PDFs that talk about how our M2Web API and Talk2M SDK could work for setting up MYSQL