New M2Web View + Email

Good morning,

I attempted to send feedback about the new Web2M site via email as the banner says. The link opens my email with the recipient filled in as “”. This email does not exist, kicks back failed to deliver. The feedback I was trying to send is as follows;

The new M2Web views are very nice, great improvement!
A quick feature request would be that the card view gets pretty repetitive with all the images of Flexy’s (or other devices).
I would like to be able to upload a picture of the machine it is connected to, or a company logo, etc. That would make finding different machines easier.

Thanks for your time,


Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated.

Regarding the M2Web email, I just tested the email myself and noticed a restriction rule actually. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will be reaching out to our marketing team, and let you know once the issue has been solved, so you can formally submit your feedback.

Thanks in advance,

Dear @amorrish,

I have reached out to our Development Team, and the issue has been fixed. Can you please re-submit your feedback to

Thanks again for your patience!

Best regards,


I have resubmitted my feedback and it seems to have gone through.

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