No communications

We are using a Flexy 201. We changed PLC from Siemens 1212 PLC to Siemens 1510 PLC. Since the change, the tags are no longer connected to the new PLC. When alarms are made, the Flexy does not send out the alarms. When looking at the VIEW IO the alarms have a red box next to the name. When the mouse is held over the box, it states no communication.

Please let us know if we have to make a change to a component or setting. Thank you in advance.


For the PLC, did you verify that the network settings are still the same?

Have you reviewed the IO Server connection details?

Generally when PLC’s are replaced, some information changes and must be updated in the Flexy.


We have verified the network settings in the PLC.

We have reviewed the IO Server connection details and they are the same as the previous PLC.

What information changes and what must be updated in the Flexy.

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