No connectivity error

I have a Fujitsu rc that is constantly offline.

It shows up in the ac cloud app as offline. The message says this intesis ac cloud control device has no connectivity. Check internet and wifi.

However I’m right next to the device and I get 25+Mbps download on the same network.

How do I fix this ?

I would recommend resetting the device and completing the WiFi setup again.

  1. Hold down the reset button for 10 seconds. The LED should blink green and then turn steady green.

  2. After the LED is steady green, follow these WiFi Setup Instructions. (Make sure that you log out of the AC Cloud app to get to the Device Configuration button.)

  3. Once the device connects to the WiFi, the LED will turn off. Now connect your phone back to your WiFi network and log into the app. You should see your device is now online.