No remote acces anymore

We have this ewon 203 with a 3G modem working for year.
Since in my area the cellulare provider tell us it will drop 3g connection in a near futur we bought a wifi card.
After we install the wifi card the ewon crash and after some reboot we where able to connect again but no WAN connection work anymore.
So no i have a EWON with any remote acces.
When we try to make the 3g card work again the modem doesn’t respond to init request.
It’s the same with the wifi card, it can find the local SSID.

Is my card broke ?
Is my EWON broke ?
What can i do to find the source of this issue?

Is there a WiFi Access Point within range of the Flexy that support the 2.4 GHz range (Please note that the FLB3271 does not support 5GHz)?

Are you able to select the WiFi option from the WAN interface dropdown?

Are you using a 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna?

Can you provide a backup of the Ewon (please use eBuddy to create and select “Include Support Files”)?

Please try to not only focus on the wifi card, no card comm card working.
The network is 2.4 GHz and no i’m not able to see option in the dropdown.
The 3G modem fail to init so i assume the wifi card as the same problem.
For the backup is gona be hard since no comm card is working, i try something today.

I’m in luck today.
Here un backup with support fils

What do you mean by this?

In the comcfg.txt settings (Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cfg) change:

WANCnx =  4

Make sure to save the setting.

Next, if you want to use WiFi, power the device off, remove the cell modem, then power the device back on. It makes no sense to leave a modem running that you are not using. It’s filling the logs with errors.

Now try to run the internet wizard again. If it doesn’t work, I would recommend doing a factory reset on the device and trying again.

I dont understand what changing WANCnx will do.
Also i dont understand the idee of removing the 3g modem if the wifi is there, flexy isn’t suppose to supporte fail back connection ?
Especially since no card WAN card are working right now…

It’s not i down want to take your advice it’s more that i want to understand what going on.
I do some research and find the WANCnx is the variable to force a communication in perticuliar.
It was set on 0 that said no internet connection.
As soon as a force it to wifi, all my Wan connection begin to work, but in the same time the Wifi in not able to connect to EWON VPN service(internal IT issue, work on it), but the connection is not fallback to my modem.
It look like the switch of connection on my flexy hase some issue with automatique changing to the working WAN connection, is it a normal behavior and i should make a script to make it work or there is a setting to activate the failback in case of connection VPN connection drop ?

Hello Sangito,

Looking at the backup we primarily see errors from the modem not being able to connect. This is causing is most likely also causing the ewon to reboot periodically to reinitialize everything and try connecting again.

The fallback needs to be setup thought the wizard with both connections working. Both interfaces need their appropriate settings, fall back needs to be enabled and the fallback WAN needs to be set.

From the logs the modem is reacing a tower but not being able to connect. The two most common issues would be the APN being incorrect or the sim card does not have an active plan.

Ok, once i done the WANCnx manipulation i was able to complet the wizard with the failback on my modem, soo i know it work and it as been working for many year.
right now we having issue with wifi connectivity (working on it.
So i force the moden connection with a WANCnx = 1 and the ewon connect automaticilly, but i was not able to configure to fallback since i can only work remote,
There is a way to manually confiture the failback ?

Hello @Sangito,

You can set the fallback connection option in the comcfg WANFbckCnx. The fall back connection will need to be properly configured to work. See the comcfg doc below for more details.

Thanks for the answer, i’m style not sure what cause the connectivity issue, but whit this document i will be able to fix the futur issue.