No VPN Connection

I have an experienced customer that has about 200 eWON’s in the field. He is trying to commission a COSY and cannot get a VPN connection. We have checked the time on the unit and it is correct. Ports 443 and 1194 are open at the customer site. There is a good Internet connection and the end customer says there are not firewall restrictions on a VPN connection. What else would cause this issue? Firmware is the latest.

Hi @rriedel,

Is the device only failing the VPN/Talk2M wizard or is it failing the Internet wizard too (just want to make sure they hit the check box that says test internet connection on that wizard)? Also is there any chance that there could be a LAN WAN conflict?

If possible could you send us a backup.tar file of the device with the support files included?


It passes the Internet connection Wizard OK.

What step of the VPN Wizard is it failing on?

Here are some screen shots the customer sent of the logs. I’m trying to get a backup with support files.



Hi @rriedel

I can’t really make out what those images are saying due to the resolution. Is it possible to get a backup file of the device with support files included from eBuddy?

Here are the backup.tar wit support, the connection checker log files.Ken Hopper - (7.3 KB) Ken Hopper - (277.5 KB) Ken Hopper - (13.5 KB)

Can I try and take a look at this device over teamviewer at some point today when you’re available?

We are waiting. How do we connect to the Teamviewer?

WE are trying to get in on the Team Viewer Do we need an ID and password?

Ken with Mitek says we can get on the Machine at 9:30 this morning. Should we use the link below to set up the session or do you want me to set up a Go
To Meeting session?

Sorry about that, I got caught on a few calls this morning. Kevin told me that he was working with you on this earlier though. Let me know if you’re still having issues after whitelisting the servers.

kb-0209-00-en-adresses-and-ports-used-by-talk2m.pdf (290.9 KB)

Will do

Still and issue. See below, the firewall has the server whitelisted:


I just got this screen shot from the customer and * has been on the firewall white list since last week. Does tech support have any other ideas?

Kenneth W. Hopper

Is there any chance that this is a Wifi cosy where we could try and have it connect to phone’s hotspot? Or is there a secondary location where we could try and have it pass the internet wizard?


This is a hardwired Cosy and installed in a plant on a working machine. Should I recommend that it be switched out?

I think it should work fine. Do you know if they have a firewall on the network such as sonicwall that might be blocking openvpn?

Which step of the vpn/talk2m wizard is the device failing on?

It is not getting connected to the server. IT says that the servers are whitelisted but your compadre could not ping them when he was on a TeamViewer
session this morning. You may ask him for more details. If you can’t even ping the server I don’t think it got far enough to try to establish the VPN.

Ken was out of his office for a while, he just called me and said that one of you was trying to call him.