Node Red

Good afternoon, I am trying to connect my Anybus ABS-ETN 10/100 2204-2.1.1 M00539 with node red. I have followed the instructions in the pdf hms-scm-1300-014, but I always get the same result “HTTP status code: 404”. I have tried ping the ip address of the anybus and I have communication, also i have connection with the web configuration. I have left the ID at 0 since I don’t know what it is. The name of the device is important or can I put any one? Thank you very much for all clarification


I do not think you can connect the ABS-ETN to rednode using the hms-scm-1300-014.pdf ( instructions. The document is intended for use with a Anybus Compactcom (ABCC) and not an Anybus-s (ABS) module. The requests the rednode application is making are not supported by the ABS card which is why you are seeing 404 responses.


What a pity, thank you very much for the quickly answer. Bye.