Nordson Ethernet IP Eds file



We are using : ABS ENT 10/100

EDS is attached.


When I install this eds file into Eaton Controller which runs Codesys 3.5.4


Is this card from a Mettler scale or another device or did you buy the card individually?


Did you buy the card individually or was it embedded in another device, like a Mettler scale?


Here is the generic EDS from the 2-port card, do you have the 2-port (AB4582) or 1-port (AB4173)?

005A000000250100.eds (15.5 KB)


This is our standard melter card, it has only 1 port.


The EIP cards are in our standard melter machines. Nordson group use this as our standard EIP device on each melter which is using EIP network.


I do not know Mettler Scale.

We do not buy individual card, we have Nordson part number for this ABS card.


OK. This is the generic .eds:

005A000C000E0200.eds (13.8 KB)

So you are trying to get it to show up as an EIP adapter in Codesys?


Your HMS Eds file also goes into Ethernet Target. See below

Please look into this , I would really appreciate that.



This eds file also installed into EIP Target.