Not Able to send process data in Cyclic Synchronous Behaviour using EC-Win(WinRTOS)



We have created a windows based WPF test application that is able to communicate with Slave(servo drive) directly using Master(EC-Master).

For the same WPF test application to run in real time environment we are using
EC-Win(RTOS)with EC-WinDemo Application.Master(EC-Master) communicating to Slave(servo drive) via EC-Win(RTOS) to achieve Cyclic synchronous behaviour.
In Cyclic synchronous behaviour the slave(servo drive) should be in sync with the master within a period of 1 msec with ± 50 micsec jitter.
We are getting jitter in EtherCAT network that’s too high.We think that our WPF test application is not in real time. WPF Application try to send commands in Cyclic manner but due to window based application there is execution delay.We cannot send process data in one 1 msec interval every time. That’s why we are getting jitter in EtherCAT network.
Please suggest any approach to achieve Cyclic Synchronous Behaviour via using EC-Win and EC-Master.



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