Notification: Unable to connect eWON: All your concurrent connections are already in use

Hi all,

currently I have a problem like it was described here already.

We have a PRO account with 3 simultaneous connections and at the time of this message/notification nobody was connected to a device.
I searched in the log for possible connections, but found nothing - neither via eCatcher or via M2Web.

Are connections kept if e.g. the eCatcher crashes/is simply closed without first disconnecting the connection or are they then automatically disconnected or released again?

As also described in the other article, the connection can be established again one day later.
Does the “system” disconnect existing connections after a certain period of time (forced disconnection?)?

eCatcher should disconnect people on its own after a period of inactivity. Can you tell me either the serial number for one of your devices or tell me the name of your account so I can look into the concurrent connection issue?


Our account name is: Moved to Notes

Right now I’m only seeing 2 active connections, can you try again

Test scenario:

  1. 3 colleagues were connected
  2. One has terminated the connection
  3. Another colleague then could not connect and received the above message

Is it possible that the connections have some kind of release time similar to a DHCP IP address?

You should be able to connect to a device as soon as one of the 3 parties is disconnected from the VPN. Are they sure they hit the disconnect button in eCatcher when they got off the connection?

Yes - all each of my colleagues have connected or disconnected/unconnected by button.
We tested this side by side and the error described above came up.
For this we have logged off the eCatcher properly and tried if the error can/could be prevented.

The connection was established by double-clicking on the respective device and disconnected using the Disconnect button in the context menu.

We have also tried it additionally by logging out of eCatcher.

What happens/would happen if you do not disconnect from the device properly and close the eCatcher directly instead?

Hello Ralf,

Some times a disconnected user status takes a few minutes to disconnect. If a user closes ecatcher without disconnecting our servers will never receive the disconnect message and the connection will show active for a few minutes until the servers check the ewons status ~5 minutes.

You can have an admin force a user to disconnect at any time. This can also be used to clear the connection of a user if needed. You should see this option in the connected user section in ecatcher.