NT200 Byte modification

Dear Support,

I have a NT200 CAN Bridge, and i need a little help with the configuration.
Is there possibility to change a byte while transmitting one identifier from CAN1 to CAN2?

There is “action rules” in configurator, i tought maybe i can use this function as follows:

CAN 1 (if identifier 0x288 AND Byte 0 ==7C THEN will be transmitted CAN message to CAN2 with same identifier but Byte 0 = 52. If i would like to keep the other Bytes same as received, can i leave the other values in the rule empty? Or the device will just send message with 1 Byte?

Basically what i trying to achieve is that if CAN1 recieved identifier 0x288 and Byte 0 is 7C then NT200 will change the first Byte to 52 but keep all other Bytes same, and then transfer to CAN2. If first byte in the 0x288 identifier is different, then all message will be transmittes as-is to CAN2.

Would it be configurable somehow?

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I tried some more today, but wasnt successful. Would the Byte modification possible only if LUA ADK is used?

Id modification is easy, but data byte modification seems impossible without additional scripts?

Hello @altz1,

Unfortunately this functionality is not implemented in the “Action Rules” for the device and can only be done with LUA scripts.
We have LUA programming examples in user directory:
c:\Users\Public\Documents\HMS\Ixxat CanGWconfig\Examples\Lua\examples\can_demo.lua