Omron Nx102 with AB6224

Hi there, I’m working with an Omron NX102-9000 PLC and a AB6224-B module that is going inside an AtlasCopco PF6000 controller. I have been having trouble getting a communication link established between the PLC and the AB6224-B.

I have created my tags in my Global variables as seen below.


I have added the AB6224-B into my program with the EDS supplied from your website.

However when I push the changes to the PLC, I notice the following when I go to monitor the connection.

I am hoping for some assistance from HMS here, I have had Omron support TeamViewer into my computer and they cannot find anything wrong with my setup on why I am not seeing communications.

If you were just using the default EDS file from our site that might be part of the issue. I think that the EDS generator that we have with the CompactCom M40 should work for the M30 as well. Can you try that and let me know if you’re still having issues?

EDS Generator Link:

I have the same issue, but the EDS generator is showing this error.