A client is trying to connect his FLEXY205 with an Omron Series NX working with a NX102 CPU. I sent him the documentation available in the Ewon website concerning OMRON support but he told that the documentation available is for older PLC generations.

Is there a documentation available for this kind of PLCs? Seems that the newer PLCs memory is defined by “tags” that the user can generate depending his needs.
Also he is using the software Omron Sysmac Studio version 1.30.

Please let me know if you have any documentation for the client.

Thank you!

Is the issue that he can’t get his tags to read using the FINS server or that he can’t connect to his OMRON device over Sysmac Studios?

Can you have him take a look at section 6 of this IO server document:

We also have this one available for remote connectivity:

Hello Tim,

These documents are available on the Omron technical support page from Ewon. The client tried this but the explanation is for classic tagging. The new Omron NX (NX102-9000) works with a new way of tagging.

Do you have any document that explain how to configurate a NX102 PLC to support the communication between the IO and Ewon?

Otherwise, is there a particular syntax that the client need to follow to be able to read the tag as the picture in attachement?

Thank you!

I’m not completely sure if that’s compatible with the FINS protocol, is that device still part of the CSCJ series of Omron devices?

Hi Tim,

No, this OMRON PLC is from NX1 series. The client tried to procedure with the FINS Protocol and no luck.

Hello Tim,

The PLC Omron NX102-9000 Ver 1.31 which is the one the client is using, supports OPC UA. Is there any procedure that I can share with the costumer to do OPCUA IOserver strings polling?

Thank you!

I don’t think we have anything that specific for an Omron device, but we do have an OPCUA IO server and on page 82/85 they begin going over creating tags that may work with your Omron device in the RG-0007 doc

Hello Tim,

The client tried the OPCUA IO server instructions. At the beginning, it wasn’t successful because the Omron PLC was connected to the WAN port of the FLEXY205. However, he changed the configuration and by connecting the PLC to the LAN and it worked.

So new questions came doing this change:

-Does OPC UA works only by LAN?
-Otherwise, how we can use the WAN port to have access to a OPC UA server?

Thank you!

The WAN ports on the Flexy are just meant to give the Flexy internet access and allow devices that are on the WAN side to be able to reach devices on the LAN side of the Flexy

For the most part the Flexy is just meant to reach devices on the LAN side. Is there a reason that you need to connect to the OPCUA device over the WAN side?

Hello Tim,

Here is the answer from the client:
It is because I need to use IO reading tag on my eWon to collect data of tag in the plc (Omron NX102-9000 tag based plc).

So once is done, file “inst_val.txt” is generated with the content value of the tag. Then we need to extract that file within the eWon with our FTP server. The data inside that file are extracted and put in archive on our server.

So, because eWon cannot read data in PLC directly (Omron NX102-9000 tag based plc, I need to use OPC UA.

Then, in that case, because only LAN can be used with OPC UA and cannot access ewon with FTP Clients with WAN

port to collect data in PLC directly or with OPC UA I need to use LAN.

Hi Luis,

based on that last part is he saying that he’s able to get all of the data he needs from OPC UA over the LAN side? I just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly.