Once twice week my ethernet communications are dropping out


I am having an issue with an Anybus X-Gateway with Profibus and Ethernet communications. About Once twice week my ethernet communications are dropping out. We have replaced all ethernet cables (with shielded cables), Put the system on a UPS and used a line filter for all A/C including the feed for the 24V power supply that powers the anybus. After everything we have done we are still having the issues. When the ethernet communcations drop out the only way to get communications back is to power cycle the anybus, it will not recover on its own. We have also replaced the Anybus as well and still the issue persists.


Hi Mike,

I was forwarded the above request from sales, I have moved it over to HMS.how to allow me to allow us to more easily discuss this issue.

What is the article number for the device you are working with? What protocol is being used on the Ethernet/IP side? Do you receive any error messages from the master when coms are lost? If so what are they?