I am currently setting the CRON of an ONDATE through code. I am wondering if there is a way to see what the CRON of an ODATE is currently set to?

Can I do a print or something like that in the console window of the basic script to see what a particular ONDATE is set to? Or is there another way to see this information?

Hi Ted,

We are not able to print a function in the console. Is it just that you want to know what the CRON schedule is? If so this site gives a good translation. https://crontab.guru/

I have a need to want to see what each ondate cron is set to. For example ONDATE 5 CRON is set using a variable using a time supplied by the user. This is done through code so I do not have the ability to see the CRON value unless there is a way to request that from the Flexy unit.


This would have to be done in the code and save in the ONDATE something like the following.

ONDATE 1, “* * * * ", "MyCron1$= ’ * * * *’:GOTO ACTION”
PRINT MyCron1$