One account will not get past Opening VPN Tunnel

I have one account when I try to connect to the Talk2M I get Opening VPN tunnel… and I don’t get any further. I am not able to connect to this ewon. I have two other colleagues that are able to login on their computers and connect to the ewon. I am able to connect to other accounts with out a problem.

If the issue is connecting through eCatcher can you try and make sure that you’re upgraded to version 6.3.7 of eCatcher or check the tap adapter settings described in the post below:


Thank you for your help. I was still using the original Tap-windows Adapter V9. I disabled it and restarted computer. When I tried to connect to that ewon it grabbed the new Tap adapter and it is now working.

Thank you for your patience and help in this issue,

I would like to apologize for not responding to you sooner. I am out of the office for two weeks on a field service trip.

I downloaded the latest version of ewon off the website. With this newest version installed, I still see the connection stop at connecting to the VPN tunnel. If I sign into a different ewon account I am able to connect to that account with out issue. It is just this one account I am not able to. I have two other techs that are able to connect using their laptops with out issues. I installed the Tap Adapter that you responded with and I am seeing the same results as before.

Attached is a screen shot of where it is stops at. I have let it sit for 20 minutes with no change.

Hi Ryan,

I can see in the screenshot that it looks like you’re on version 6.1.2 of eCatcher, can you update that to the 6.3.7 version and see if it works after that?