OPCUA client on different network


Trying to poll a plc on network 192.168.100.xxx and use the eWON as OPCUA server to share the data with 3rd party client.

However my OPCUA client is on a different network 192.168.1.xxx

The client & PLC will be connected on the eWON LAN

if i set a subnet of and the eWON a LAN IP address 192.168.100.XXX, will this work to share the data with the OPCUA client on LAN?

I wouldn’t recommend using 192.168.x.x with a mask of normally because you are going to be conflicting with any network that begins with 192.168 if that’s used on the WAN or the network you’re connecting remotely from.

Is the OPCUA client behind another router (is there a gateway?) If so, you will probably have to create a static route to that network. This could also be problematic if someone tries to connect from the Ewon from a network, or that address is used on the WAN.

If you can provide a network map of some kind, I could probably give you a better answer.

Hi @jwc289,

Did you still have questions about this? If so, can you sketch a quick network map so I have a better idea of the setup?


Hi Kyle

Thank you for your reply.

We will not be using the flexy for remote connection only for data purposes, so any IP conflict on WAN side should not have any effect ?

As long as you don’t set an IP address starting with 192.168. on the WAN you will be fine.