OPCUA IO address contains semicolon

I need to configure a lot of tags in a flexy connected to a siemens PLC.
I can add tags one by one through the “browser”. but if I try to mass transfer using the var_lst.csv file the action fails.
I can see that the problem is in the fact that there is a semicolon in the address.
is there a way around this problem?

Hello @ohadshiftan,

The ewon uses a semicolon delimited CSV files, not comma delimited. The semicolon is typically used in Europe while the comma is standard in the US. If you are adding a CSV with commas you will want to replace them with semicolons. You can easily accomplished this by opening the file in notepad and performing a Find and replace all.


this was not my question you answered.

in an address of OPCUA, there is a semicolon as the example I gave. because it is the delimiter in the ewon syntax it presents a problem.

Apologies I clearly misread the question.

We need to check if this is possible. This might be a limitation where opc tags can’t be imported since they include semicolons. I am looking into this and will follow up once I have more info.


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