PA-AW-MBS-1 with PANASONIC WH-MDC12G6E5 - 0x8000 = 32768 value returned


After working for hours, some of the values returned by intesis are equal to 0x8000 (32768).
I have tested with 9600 and 19200 bps, but same thing happens.

0x8000 is returned for “Setpoint Temperature” (address 33) but for other “Tank Configuration” family values from table 3.2.3 in this DOC:

Other readings are OK when “Tank Configuration” 0x8000 values are appearing.

I have only managed to resolve this anomalous behavior by powering off the whole system (Panasonic + Intesis). The remote control (panasonic) works normal before and after this behavior appears.

How could avoid this behavior?
Or How could I reset the system not powering-off the Panasonic+intesis?

Many thanks!!!


You should create a case at as this is a legacy device and we aren’t very familiar with it. If you create a case you can get help from one of the Intesis engineers who are familiar with this device.

Done here →

Many Thanks kyle_HMS !!!

OK great, someone should be contacting you soon about this!