Panasonic with intesis. Can't connect

Me and my friend have exactly the same setup. A Panasonic AC unit with a intesis unit cc3fxxxxxxxx.
Off course we run this setup on different network. This setups have been working in three years now.
Yesyerday both network dies… The red led flash… I try to delete the network reconect, try to setup a new config, but nothing works. When i should connect it always ends with same results. The red led flashes, BUT my network say it connected…??? Our network units, like routers and switches have not been updated, so it can’t be this units.
Hope for help!


Over the weekend, the AC Cloud Control servers experienced connectivity issues. This has affected the communication with your Intesis units. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If your device has not restored communications by now, then power cycle the unit. Once the Intesis unit reboots, it will establish connection to our servers once again.

Intesis is currently preparing a report with analysis of the problem. Once this has been released, I will follow up with you an update.

Please let me know if you are experiencing further issues with your Intesis unit.

Now it’s work fine! :slightly_smiling_face: