Panelview 5310 Remote Download Failure (Cosy 131 4G NA)

Hi folks,

I’m working remotely with a Cosy 131 4G NA. The connection is great to the Allen-Bradley PLC, and Panelview upload works great. However, I cannot seem to download under any circumstances. It seems to be the exact same issue seen here.

I’ve had the guys on-site performing panelview updates via flash drive, but ultimately need to be able to fully support this remotely.

Is there anything I can do to try to resolve this / troubleshoot it? I notice the Cosy does not have the same VPN control for UDP/TCP as recommended to the Flexy users, but I am open to trying anything.

Many thanks.

A backup of the unit as of this morning.


This is a documented issue on our end. However, the root cause is the communication on the Alan Bradley side. They are aware of the issue, but they do not have any fix in place.

The delay is due to error checking occurring on the AB side, which causes considerable decrease in speeds.

Ahh, that is unfortunate. So for now the only solution is to continue to download locally via USB drive?

Thank you, @Kevin_hms