Peer to peer communication issue on Cosy 131 LAN ports


Hi Alex,

Let us know if the firmware update fixes this issue or not and if we need to continue troubleshooting the issue. You can respond directly to this email or call us 0800 - 1700 EST at 312-893-5636. If the firmware doesn’t resolve the problem, the next thing I would do is confirm that the devices can ping each other when directly connected or when both are connected to another switch with their current settings. If they can, we should look at doing a factory reset of the Cosy.

Thank you,


  • Talked with Alex, PLC can not ping an adapter when both are connected to the Cosy’s LAN
  • He’s already confirmed that RTEnIpFwrd in comcfg.txt is set to ‘1’
  • Device needs a firmware update