Periodically kicked off eCatcher and cannot connet to ewon

I have a customer that is getting kicked off of ecatcher periodically. Please see below comments from them. I have also uploaded the backup file.
When I am kicked off I have connection to the eCatcher, it just doesn’t show the EWON available. I had other users try to connect to it during these outages but they yielded the same results. If I do not shutdown the EWON, over the weekend, the system issues increase and during the weekend no one connects to it but it is powered on. If I don’t shut it down I can lose connection up to 30 minutes at a time, occurring every hour and 30 minutes. MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (224.5 KB)


I am looking through this issue now.


I see a couple issues within the Unit.

-No Buffer Space Available
-GSM Level 15
-No WAN Connection available

This points to a weak signal causing disconnects.

Our bare Min GSM Level is, 18. This is the very lowest that is required for connection. Anything below that causes the connection to be highly unstable. The UDP Buffer error is due to lost packets on the connection. If these packets are drop, the unit resends them. There seems to be an high number of packets are being dropped causing the unit to not be able to resend it all. I would set your connection from UDP to TCP. This is a more secure connection type, albiet a littlle slow.

Install an extendable antenna
Use wizard to set connection TCP under “Advanced Properties”