Ping Netbiter EC350


We recently installed a new Netbiter EC350 to replace a EC150 that had previously failed.

We can communicate and control via the website, however we cannot ping it at the IP address it’s been assigned.

Is there ICMP setting or something else we need to look at to be able to ping it in our network?

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Due to some old security concerns ping on the Netbiter was disabled. To verify the LAN is set correctly you can enter it into a browser and you should receive the login prompt.


Hi Deryck,

We use an NMS to monitor our Netbiter devices via Ping. Is there any way around this to re enable?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Ryan,

I am still waiting on a response from the Development team regarding this and if it is something we can enable.


Thank You


Thank your for your patience with this issue. I have gone back and forth with development on this and it looks like Ping is enabled for the LAN of the Netbiter in recent firmwares but it is still disabled for the WAN port. Unfortunately this is not a setting we can enabled.


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