PLC no longer receiving data



I have connected to the Anybus 7007 module and uploaded the configuration file (Attached). I can scan a barcode and see the data if I start a logfile and then stop the log (see data_Log.jpg). However, If I start the Data monitor in the software, I do not see any changes on the screen when I scan the barcode (Data_Monitor.jpg). Since this is the first time using your communicator software I am not sure if I am doing this completely right.

So, I know that the data is being transmitted from the scanner to the Anybus module (data_Log.jpg) but I still am not able to receive data at the PLC side. My original support ticket I included pictures of the Anybus modules (2) and the PLC configuration for each of the Anybus Ethernet ports (2) in the PLC. As I stated then the data on the Allen Bradley configuration shows a different serial number for both of the Anybus 7007 modules and also is showing Module Identity : Mismatch

My guess is that this is why no data is being received in the PLC.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,

AnyBus_1.cfg (16 KB)







Hi Dennis,

You can respond to this email and it will post to this forum post/ticket. I did track down the other open case that was though support tool. Through that system you can no email in and need to log into the system. I will close out that ticket and we can continue though this.

Let me know if you have any success with that new configuration. You can email directly back in or create and account with your email and respond directly though the forum.


old issue 1849-30017



I installed the modified configuration file and then scanned a barcode. The data was successfully sent back to the PLC. THANK YOU.


Will the Anybus module send a null string (empty or blank) shortly after sending the actual barcode data?

While looking at the live data in the PLC, the barcode data would appear and then would be cleared. I have checked the ladder logic and the register that the data is being received into is never cleared through Ladder Logic. I scanned many times and saw data appear and then clear. It must be from the Anybus module or something in the configuration of the module in the PLC.

Any ideas?




Great! Nice to hear it is working.

As for the data clearing my guess is that the offline timeout is getting triggered. Switch it from clear to freeze and your data should stay.



I will give it a shot.

Thank you.



The Datalogic scanners sends data fine now (as I said below/last week). However, I am trying to upgrade to a Cognex 2D scanner. I have configured it with the same parameters:

9000,N,8,1 No handshaking

Please see the attached pics and files.

I can connect both the Datalogic and the Cognex scanners to my PC using Hyper Terminal and get the exact same data when I scan the barcodes. When I connect to the Anybus, the Cognex data comes in as junk.

I can only believe that this must be a wiring/connector compatibility issue since I can receive both scanners data into my RS232 Com port on the laptop with no problems.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Dennis Miller

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Datalogic_Anybus.txt (1009 Bytes)

Cognex_Anybus.txt (884 Bytes)


Hi Dennis,
It looks like the Datalogic is seeing the correct data


I am not sure about the Cognex device. It looks like it is getting a lot of 1’s in the data that might be causing the issue. Perhaps the baudrate is not set incorrectly? It could be an encoding issue, do you know for sure it is using ASCII?

What should the data actually be or what do you receive for data in hyperterminal from that device?



I sent pictures of the Hyper terminal screen yesterday (attached again). The first line is from the Datalogic scanner “10662073056871”

The 2nd line is from the Cognex scanner. They are exactly the same. You can also see that Hyper terminal is set to 9600,N,8,1.

Here is one more interesting piece of information……I have a serial protocol analyzer that connects in series with any RS232 cable. When I connect this in series with the Cognex scanner and the Anybus module, the data is received by the Anybus module correctly. If I then connect the Cognex db9 connector directly to the Anybus connector, it receives junk data again.

Could there be some type of ground issue/compatibility issue with the Anybus module?

Can you send me the exact pinout of the DB9 on the Anybus 7007 module?


Cognex_Anybus.txt (884 Bytes)

Datalogic_Anybus.txt (1009 Bytes)


That definitely sounds like it could be a wiring issue.
Here is a screen shot of the pinout. It should also be printed on the side of the device.

You can find it on Page 128 of the user guide too:



Here is a schematic of the Datalogic Scanner that works fine with the Anybus Module. Notice that the external power (VCC) does not get connected at the Anybus module.

Here is the Cognex schematic. Notice that pin 1(Vcc) is connected to the Anybus Module.

Looking at the Anybus pinout (BELOW), it is also supplying 5V on pin 1. Is this causing the “junk” data (and possible noise) being received on the Anybus serial port?

As I have said and attached files and pictures, both of these scanners are set to 9600,N,8,1. Both of these scanners send data successfully through a RS232 Comm port into my computer and displayed properly using Hyper Terminal. All communication parameters are the same. The only difference is the DB9 connector on the ends of each scanner.

Dennis Miller

Systems Engineer

765-654-6195 Office

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