Pls. Comment: SDUMBUSCARD Configuration Inquiry

One of our customer is using an SDUMBUSCARD with a SolaHD SDU AC-B UPS. One of the comm. card is password protected and the person that worked on it is no longer with the company. The IP address is as it shows on the ipconfig app but they can’t change the ip on it due to the password. Is there a way to reset the device to forget the password?

This is a forum for HMS Networks products. I have no idea what “SDUMBUSCARD” or “SolaHD SDU AC-B UPS” is, but we cannot help you with them.

My apologies for any confusion that my inquiry have caused.

Would you be familiar of the below linked, optional Compact Flash type Communication Card (part no. SDUMBUSCARD) used to remotely monitor a stand-by/off-line UPS unit via Modbus protocol?


Please click the above link and kindly share your thoughts as time permits.


That looks to be one of our Compact Coms. However, this was built for Emerson. I would reach out them if you have any questions regarding the functionality of the unit. They designed and programmed the unit. We would not be able to offer an insight for that specific model.