Poll data from Allen-Bradley SLC5/05

Need some help to Configure the ewon IO Server
for my Allen-Bradley SLC5/05 (1747-L556C) using Ethernet communication.

The PLC uses protocol control (Full Duplex Modem)
The drivers are:
Channel 1 (Driver: Ethernet)
Channel 0 (Driver: DF1 Full Duplex)

For Ethernet you will use Channel 1 and follow these instructions:

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My problem is on the DF1 IO Server & Gateway setting

Connexion to SLC5-05 CPU.pdf (142.9 KB)

Can you show the entire IP address or at least the last 2 octets? It’s a private IP address so I can’t think of a reason to hide it.

Can you try with just the IP address? For example, instead of 10.x.x.90,1,0,2,0 just use 10.x.x.90?

What does it say when you hover the mouse over the red icon?

What does it say in the Event Logs?

Event Logs

Tags Values when I juste use IP address

Ewon Configuration

Test1: with IP Address

Tags Values when I juste use the IP address

It appears to be a communication issue, like a bad cable or a problem with the PLC or it’s configuration. The Ewon is not receiving any response from the PLC.

Thanks for help guys

It can’t be the cable.

Here is the answer when I ping the address of the PLC while connected to Talk2M from ecatcher.

And here is also the detection of the PLC by RSlink.

Maybe the problem is in the configuration, but I don’t know where exactly.
I can privately send you my configuration file to examine it from your side.

Thank you.

OK. Can you create a case by going to https://support.hms-networks.com and then make a backup of the Ewon using eBuddy (please check “Include Support files”) and attach it to the case?