Pool allocation of a Flexy via M2Web api

Hi all,

is there a possibility to get the pool allocation of a Flexy via M2Web?


  • Flexy1 has been assigned to pool ABC
  • Query of “Getewon/Getewons” via the M2Web API
  • Return of the pool allocation to the additional device data

Since I work with several pools and have structured the devices in this way, I think it should be possible to read out this information as well.
By using the query “getaccountinfo” the pools already come back with their respective ID and therefore only the links to the respective devices would be missing.

Like you said, you can use the “getaccountinfo” command to retrieve the list of pools.

You can use the “getewons” command to retrieve all of the eWONs in a given pool or don’t specify a pool to retrieve all of the eWONs:


Although the "getewon command does not list the pool, you could simply put the pool name and/or ID in the “custom attribute” field if you wished, and that would be listed.


“success”: true,
“ewon” : {
“id”: 12345,
“name”: “ewonname”,
“encodedName”: “ewonname”,

"status": “online”,
"description": “My test eWON”,
"customAttributes": [ “Pool XYZ”, “Pool ID 345”, “customer attribute 3” ],
"m2webServer": "m2web.talk2m.com"

I hope I got it right…
I get the pools via “getaccountinfo” and then the assignment with the pool ID via “getewons” as described in the example.
Then I’ll test it like this.

Thanks for the quick reply.